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The Waterfalls Near Denver

Did you know about the waterfalls near Denver? There is a collection of 7 waterfalls, all within an hour of travel time of Denver. There are trails leading to these waterfalls, some of these are only 100 yards, and others are 5.5 miles in one direction. 

Each of these waterfall hikes has its own special route that will allow visitors to choose the best route and plan to make the most of their trip with special tips and maps detailing special interest areas. One thing visitors are sure to notice is that Denver doesn’t have the same type of dramatic terrain found in other parts of Colorado. This means that there are only seven waterfalls close to town.  

 But there are over 30 waterfalls in the area, and Dayhikes Near Denver has trail profiles for each of them. Be sure you check out our full listing of 30 Colorado waterfall hikes on our website that you simply can’t miss. You will find a delightful set of waterfalls just two hours away in Rocky Mountain National Park, as well as plenty of others dotted around the beautiful state of Colorado.  


 Boulder Falls towers a full 60-feet over the face of Boulder Canyon. This picturesque waterfall can be reached after a 100-yard walk from a rest stop located on Boulder Canyon Drive. The trail had been closed for repairs due to a flood in 2013 and was then closed again for repairs in 2019. But the trail to Boulder Falls was reopened in June 2020 and now includes a paved parking area, so it is now accessible. As a matter of fact, Boulder Falls and Elk Falls (see the next section) are the two most easily accessible waterfalls from Denver.  


The next waterfall is one of the more difficult waterfalls to reach from Denver, but, as anyone who has taken the 11-mile trail to Elk falls will tell you, it is well worth the trip.  Elk Falls in Staunton State Park has one of the highest drops off in the area. Before it opened officially in 2013, Elk Falls was almost unheard of. But after the creation of Staunton State Park, it has been hard to keep secret. All in all, this hike is one of the longer hikes, but it is not especially exhausting. Take a look at our trail profile to get more information.  


Also called “Castlewood Canyon Falls,” Cherry Creek Falls is another waterfall that is easy to reach from Denver, a mere 0.17 miles from the parking lot. The best time to visit is at its peak just after the Spring rains. Make sure you check out the details and tips for getting the most of your trip to Cherry Creek Falls  


Tucked away in a secluded canyon southwest of Boulder and near Gross Reservoir is Forsythe Canyon Falls. This waterfall is especially exquisite due to the shade provided and the beauty of this waterfall situated in a pretty little pinch in the canyon. We noted that this is one of the waterfalls ( that are not as frequently visited, and this makes it a nice alternative to the more crowded falls in the area.  


El Dorado Cascades, much like the aforementioned Forsythe Canyon Falls, is one of the lesser-known waterfalls in the region. Visitors will reach the waterfall along Walker Ranch Loop. This clamorous cascade plunges under monolithic boulders before rushing back into view in an amazing spectacle.

The Broncos Look To Finally Have a Deep Roster They’ve Been Needing.

The Broncos finally look like a team that’s ready to end their long playoff drought. The first-year GM George Paton managed to bring a relatively new approach to things while instilling some of the things that made the Bronco’s such a fierce team in the past. He spent nearly two decades working in scouting and personnel that prepared him for this role and challenge.

Paton managed to change the entire defense from its secondary to the front. Likewise, he also focused on beefing up the running backs after taking over from John Elway in the early part of the year.

One of the first moves Paton made was acquiring the everso steady Teddy Bridgewater from the Panthers for just a 6th rounder. Also, he managed to draft Javonte Williams in the second round, whom many pundits consider a steal at that draft spot.

Along with these moves, he managed to draft one of the most respected corners in the draft in Patrick Surtain II with a top 10 pick. He did this merely weeks after inking both Kyle Fuller and Ronald Darby to sign contracts during the free agency period.

Throughout camp, the rookie class managed to shine. Likewise, Teddy Bridgewater looked like the best QB on the roster by beating out Drew Lock. Because of this, he will be officially the 11th QB since Manning retired. Unfortunately, no other team has had that many different passers in the last six years.

Teddy Bridgewater is taking over a team that is oozing with young talent on offense. 

The Broncos have a lot of options, and they are looking to pave the way by running with veteran Melvin Gordon II and newcomer Williams to open up the passing game for Teddy. The Bronco’s wide receiver depth is incredible, with youngsters around every corner. They have 1st round pick Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick, and even K.J Hamler. They also have promising tight end Noah Fant.

During the offseason, Paton went to work re-signing safeties Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson. Likewise, he managed to draft Jamar Johnson and Caden Sterns.

For the defense, he focused on drafting teammates at Ohio State that include Baron Browning and Jonathon Cooper.

For star Von Miller, Paton exercised the final year of his contract. He will be returning for his 11th season after missing the entirety of last year with a dislodged ankle tendon. Because of this, he will be lining up with fellow Pro Bowler Bradley Chubb once again. The last time they played together was in 2019. Throughout the games they’ve managed to play together, they’ve managed to combine for a whopping 29.5 sacks, four fumble recoveries, seven forced fumbles, and a pick.

Von Miller finally has a roster that has both star talent, both starting and good depth on the bench. Something he hasn’t had since he led the squad to the Superbowl in 2015.

This could be the year the Broncos can help to end the most lengthy playoff drought by a team that previously won the super bowl. 

There was a lot of criticism about Jeudy because he continued to drop passes during his rookie year. Expected to be one of the best receivers in the country, Jeudy’s rookie season fell short of expectations. While he did catch 52 passes for a total of 856 yards, it wasn’t nearly what most had envisioned. Jeudy has been touted as the best route-runner to come out of college in a long time and only proved that his hands weren’t nearly as developed.

Jeudy showed renewed focus throughout the entirety of training camp to ensure his troubles catching the ball were over. There is a lot of hype about the upcoming Denver Broncos season as George Paton has done an incredible job tweaking the roster to get better.

Good Questions to Ask Your Estate Agent

When planning to sell your property, you want to meet a valuable buyer within the shortest time possible. However, this may not be easy, especially when you lack experience in the real estate industry. 

 You’d want to consider working with a realtor to ease the process for you. Here are the common questions that you should ask your real estate agent. 

 How much fee do you charge? 

 Real estate agents often charge fees for services rendered. The fees can be a certain percentage of the property value or depending on your agreement with the realtor. Some real estate agents charge a fixed upfront fee, which can be risky since you may lose money if the agent fails to sell your property. 

 In this case, you might have to pay two agents if the first one failed to sell your property. This can be a substantial financial loss. So, ensure you know the agent’s fees, and you make informed decisions. 

 Will I have to pay other costs?

 Some agents often have hidden charges that you may not be aware of if you do not ask. You may want to assume that you only owe your agent a commission. But you will be surprised when the agent expects you to pay additional costs. 

 To avoid confusion, ensure the agent clarifies whether you will need to pay other costs apart from the commission. While some agents have all costs catered for under the commission, others charge separately. 

 How will you get a valuable buyer?

 This question can help you know the kind of person you’re dealing with. The agent should show that he/she is capable of selling a home no matter its value and type

 Let your agent give you practical strategies for getting a buyer for your property. Find out the channels the agent uses to advertise houses and how successful such channels are. 

 How fast can you sell my property?

 Whether you want to sell your property faster or you’re not in a hurry, it is vital to know when the agent can close the deal for you. This will help you plan well, especially when you plan to move to a new location or use the money for other things. The agent should tell you how long it takes to sell a home similar to yours. 

 What Type of Contracts Do You Issue?

 Real estate agents provide paperwork and contracts once you agree to work together. Ensure you find out the type of contracts used by the agents. Below are the several types. 

 • Sole Agency: This contract means that it’s only your agent allowed to sell your property and not any other agent. However, you can also search for a buyer yourself, but the buyer should not come from your agent’s marketing activities. 

 • Sole Selling Agents: This contract states that your real estate agent has the sole responsibility of looking for a buyer without another party’s involvement. If you have someone who wants to buy your property, you shouldn’t include the buyer in the contract terms. 

 • Joint Agency: This contract allows you to have more than one agent, often two, to look for a buyer. Once the property gets sold, the agents share a 50/50 commission. In some cases, the agent who found a buyer can get a slightly larger share. It is worth noting that fees for this contract are higher than sole contracts. 

 Multi-Agency: In this contract, you can work with as many agents as possible. But you will only pay commission to the one who successfully sells your property. The commissions for this contract are higher, but its significant advantage is that realtors compete with each other, and you can be sure of getting a buyer within a short time since every agent strives to close the deal and earn a commission.

 What other similar properties have you sold recently? 

 This is a critical question showing that the agent is serious and active in the business. It also indicates that the agent has good knowledge of the local market and can help you get the best deal for your property. 

 Using an agent who sold a property recently can help you find a buyer since such agents often have a list of potential buyers. 

 The Bottom Line

 Use the questions above to help you identify the best real estate agent. You want to ensure that you sell your home within your expected timeframe and at the best price worth your property’s value. 

Best and Affordable Universities around Denver, Colorado

There are several top universities around Denver, Colorado. They offer several competitive programs, extracurricular activities and have a competitive admission process. If you are looking for a good University around Denver that is affordable, look at the following universities. 

The University of Colorado Denver

 The University was founded in 1912 and is now the largest research University in Colorado. The campus is approximately 126 acres and has an undergraduate enrolment of about 15,818 students. The college offers more than 130 areas of study for students to choose from. 

 It’s good to note that the University has two main campuses, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus and the CU Denver campus. The Denver campus has four major colleges and two schools. In contrast, the Anschutz Medical Campus has one college and five different schools. 

 It also has more than 100 campus organizations and intramural sports to keep its students engaged. Interestingly, the school’s tuition fees for in-state students are around $9800 annually. Each year, the school offers about $30 million as scholarships and grants to incoming first-year students.

Colorado School of Mines

 This is a public institution that was established in 1874. The school has an undergraduate enrollment of about 5154 undergraduate students offering 16 accredited degree programs for you to choose from. It offers classes of less than 20 students and has a semester-based academic calendar. 

 The school mainly specialized in engineering and applied for science programs. It has more than 14 academic departments and provides research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

 Students can choose to join its more than 200 student-based organizations or its intramural sports teams. The school is also very affordable, with annual tuition fees of approximately $19100 for in-state students and around $39800 for out-of-state students. 

Metropolitan State University of Denver

 Situated in an urban setting, the University covers approximately 127 acres of land and has an undergraduate enrolment of around 19194 students. The University offers more than 82 distinct undergraduate degree programs for students to choose from. 

 The University utilizes a semester-based curriculum and provides its students with more than 120 student organizations and several varsity sports teams to engage in. Interestingly, the school is less selective, with an admission rate of 61%. 

 If you are looking for a very affordable school, this one is good for you. Its tuition fees for in-state students are approximately $7666, and for out-of-state students, it is around $20847. The school also provides good packages for grants and scholarships to eligible students. 

Regis University

 Regis is a private University that was founded in 1877. It utilizes a semester-based calendar and has an undergraduate student enrolment of about 3500. The school offers 11 accredited degree programs with a student-faculty ratio of just 12:1.

 It is organized into five colleges, each different offering disciplines. Students can also engage in student government and its different clubs and organizations. Interestingly, the school charges a flat fee of approximately $38000 annually in all its undergraduate majors. 

 Remember, your choice of University has a major impact on your career and general progression in life. Consider having a look at these universities that will provide you the best education at an affordable price.