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Best and Affordable Universities around Denver, Colorado

There are several top universities around Denver, Colorado. They offer several competitive programs, extracurricular activities and have a competitive admission process. If you are looking for a good University around Denver that is affordable, look at the following universities. 

The University of Colorado Denver

 The University was founded in 1912 and is now the largest research University in Colorado. The campus is approximately 126 acres and has an undergraduate enrolment of about 15,818 students. The college offers more than 130 areas of study for students to choose from. 

 It’s good to note that the University has two main campuses, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus and the CU Denver campus. The Denver campus has four major colleges and two schools. In contrast, the Anschutz Medical Campus has one college and five different schools. 

 It also has more than 100 campus organizations and intramural sports to keep its students engaged. Interestingly, the school’s tuition fees for in-state students are around $9800 annually. Each year, the school offers about $30 million as scholarships and grants to incoming first-year students.

Colorado School of Mines

 This is a public institution that was established in 1874. The school has an undergraduate enrollment of about 5154 undergraduate students offering 16 accredited degree programs for you to choose from. It offers classes of less than 20 students and has a semester-based academic calendar. 

 The school mainly specialized in engineering and applied for science programs. It has more than 14 academic departments and provides research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

 Students can choose to join its more than 200 student-based organizations or its intramural sports teams. The school is also very affordable, with annual tuition fees of approximately $19100 for in-state students and around $39800 for out-of-state students. 

Metropolitan State University of Denver

 Situated in an urban setting, the University covers approximately 127 acres of land and has an undergraduate enrolment of around 19194 students. The University offers more than 82 distinct undergraduate degree programs for students to choose from. 

 The University utilizes a semester-based curriculum and provides its students with more than 120 student organizations and several varsity sports teams to engage in. Interestingly, the school is less selective, with an admission rate of 61%. 

 If you are looking for a very affordable school, this one is good for you. Its tuition fees for in-state students are approximately $7666, and for out-of-state students, it is around $20847. The school also provides good packages for grants and scholarships to eligible students. 

Regis University

 Regis is a private University that was founded in 1877. It utilizes a semester-based calendar and has an undergraduate student enrolment of about 3500. The school offers 11 accredited degree programs with a student-faculty ratio of just 12:1.

 It is organized into five colleges, each different offering disciplines. Students can also engage in student government and its different clubs and organizations. Interestingly, the school charges a flat fee of approximately $38000 annually in all its undergraduate majors. 

 Remember, your choice of University has a major impact on your career and general progression in life. Consider having a look at these universities that will provide you the best education at an affordable price.

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