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5 Home Items on Amazon To Buy Today

Whether you are moving into a new home, doing a major redecoration project, or simply looking for a small item to simplify your home life, Amazon has almost all of the decor and organizing options that you could possibly need. Since the beginning of quarantine, I have started to do more and more home shopping on Amazon. I do this in an effort to prevent myself from spreading or contracting germs, but it has the added benefit of simplifying my life as well. As I scroll through my Amazon orders for the past few months, there are a few items I would like to recommend for your home needs. 

 Achart Macrame Wall Hanging Large Handmade Cotton Woven Wall Tapestry Boho Wedding Wall Decor Boho Hanger Home Decoration Wall Pediments (Beige, 31.5” x 45.28”) – This large off-white macrame wall hanging makes for great bohemian decor in a living room or bedroom. This is a more grown-up tapestry decor option that still has a cool, vintage vibe. You can hang it on the wall with nails or reusable hooks like the ones listed below. The $19.99 price point makes this item easily affordable on most budgets. 

 JINSHUNFA Wall Hooks 13lb(Max) Transparent Reusable Seamless Hooks, Waterproof and Oilproof, Bathroom Kitchen Heavy Duty Self Adhesive Hooks,8 Pack – These walls hooks are perfect for hanging art and other small decorations on the walls of your home. They have a subtle, modern look that is less obviously visible on a wall than competitors’ options. They are both oilproof and waterproof, which makes them ideal for use in bathroom and kitchen areas. The price point of $7.99 for eight rings makes them very affordable at around just $1 per hook. 

 Artificial Snake Plant Fake Sansevieria Plants 38 Inch Tall 28 Faux Green Large Leaves with White Pot and Black Stand for Home Indoor Outdoor Décor Modern House Office Floor Decoration – Caring for a plant at home can be difficult, especially if the weather conditions in your area are not ideal or if you do not get enough sunlight in your windows. This artificial plant looks very realistic, modern, and upscale. It sits nicely in the corner of the room or on a table. The removable stand can be flipped to make it two different heights depending on your decor preferences. This item is a bit costly at the price point of $71.97, but it is available for prime shipping and well worth the cost.

 KING GLOBAL 3-Tier Mesh Wire Rolling Cart with Wheels & 4 Side Hooks Metal Storage Shelves for Home, Office, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom – A rolling cart can be used for a variety of storage and decor purposes. This one is extremely easy to assemble. The finish of the cart is also beautiful. This would be great for use as a small bar cart. It is also an ideal tool for organizing closets, kitchens, or bathrooms. The small attachable plastic hooks that come with the cart are great for additional storage and organizing. This rolling cart is only $43.99, and it comes in three different metal finishes to match any decor style.

 GoGreen Power GG-16103MS 6 Outlet Surge Protector w/ 2.5′ Cord – This power saver power strip serves a variety of purposes. It helps to protect your devices in the event of a power outage. It also helps to increase the number of available outlets that you have accessible for charging devices, powering electronics, and staying connected. One last benefit of power strips like this one is that they help to protect the environment by reducing energy use. Reduced energy use will also help you to save money on your power bill. The shorter cord keeps the item from taking up too much space in the room. At only $5.60, this specific power strip is a great option on Amazon.