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Dead Battery Club Powered By Carbon Lounge

Come in, Recharge

The Dead Battery Club is an all-day lounge and eatery that is both a throwback to a simpler time, when you could step outside and not experience the constant din of construction and development, and a literal suggestion to ‘unplug’ and enjoy.

Great Buns...

and that’s just the beginning.

Our aromatic food was created for you to unplug and recharge, a battery of racy gastronomic delights, satisfyingly delicious fare inspired by healthful Mediterranean living. We’ll create a perfect platter of rustic, shaved-from-the-leg Spanish jamon, racy tuna, in seven magic layers, and irresistible trout made for sharing tapas style. Our menu is also focused around fresh baked buns from around the world, packed with local herbs and vegetables, smokey brisket, perfect eggs, Spanish green chili, or pork belly. Don't be shy, this is breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night fare.

Your Drink...

is exactly what you’ll find at the classic bar.

Timeless and historic, come drink with us any time at Platte Street’s secret locale; perhaps you’ll sit under the viaducts of Denver’s past and enjoy a classic or signature 9-volt cocktail like the We (don’t) work. If your preference is a fantastic bottle of world-class wine, we’d love to uncork something memorable from our sommelier selection, or simply pour you a glass of perfect bubbles. Enjoy!

Lisa Ruskaup, CEO/Founder

A native of Denver, Lisa has experience across the life cycle of food and beverage concepts.

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Scott Parker, Executive Chef

Consistently named one of Denver’s top chefs, Scott spent over 10 years honing his culinary skills at Denver’s beloved Table 6 restaurant.

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Platte Street

Platte Street has a deep, sometimes dark, and rich history among those who grew up in Denver.

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In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different

- Coco Chanel

It’s great to have you!

Monday - Saturday 03:00pm - 12:00am